5 of the Hottest Careers in Dubai in 2012

5 Hot Careers in Dubai

With most of the Euro-zone and the US remaining in the grips of the global economic slowdown, the UAE is bucking that trend and experiencing growth of nearly 5% in 2011. Dubai itself is expecting 5% growth this year, which is remarkable when compared to the weak Euro-zone and US growth projections of 0.3%, and 2%, respectively.

As we can see the Dubai economy is booming at the moment – apparently its the fastest growing city in the world – and represents a great location for both expatriates and locals to get a job and secure a great career. But, in every booming economy there are cold and hot spots, areas of jobs growth and areas of jobs decline. For example, the traditionally strong MEP job sector in Dubai has now begun to weaken due to a construction slowdown, meaning that there is more competition for jobs in MEP in Dubai and fees are reducing.

As an aspiring professional it is vital that you try and secure job in Dubai in a demand industry which promises good growth over the next decade – and this will help to ensure you can attract the best salaries and have better job security.

Below, we have set out 5 key employment growth areas in Dubai which we think will be a great place for aspiring professionals to focus their career search in Dubai.

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Dubai Work Visa and Living Etiquette

Dubai Visa and Living Etiquette

Dubai is officially an important part of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), which constitutes seven relatively autonomous states. A tourist visa (entry visa) for the UAE is free for most of the foreign nationals, and is in the form of a stamp upon arrival at the airport which is put over your passport.

The jobseekers need to keep their ‘employment visa’ with themselves, which is mostly arranged by the employer who is hiring for jobs in Dubai. The employment visa is valid for thirty days. After that, the company is liable to arrange a work permit and residency visa. The residency visa is usually valid for three years and this will be helpful during opening a bank account, buying a car or taking a telephone connection.

Here we cover all the details.

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Using LinkedIn To Land a Great Job in Dubai

LinkedIn for Dubai Jobs

We all know how hard it can be too get a job, but it can be especially hard to get the job you really want. Well, fortunately this task has been made much easier by the rise of social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

But, with so many options available to you, which is the most effective? Well, they all serve their purpose, but one network that is proving itself a prime tool for job search, for the mid-career to senior level worker, is LinkedIn. At last count, LinkedIn had over 100,000,000 users world-wide and around 900,000 in UAE, which counts for 1 in 5 people in the UAE. The stats show that if you want to make serious waves in the Dubai business network, LinkedIn is the optimal starting point.

But, how can a job seeker leverage LinkedIn to land their dream job in Dubai?

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“How Can I Find a Job in Dubai?”

I wish there was a straight one, two, three steps plan that if you followed, you’d land a great job in Dubai. The truth is: a job search is not that simple. But there are resources which you can utilize to make your job search more effective. This entire free website was created to help you find a great career in Dubai.

I’ll walk you through the various resources at your disposal.

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‘Spy Tool’ Blackberry saga hits Dubai telecoms industry

In recent years the telecommunications industry in Dubai, and in the UAE as a whole, has seen rapid growth with more providers entering the market and many retail outlets reporting increased sales of mobile phones. Technology is a major growth industry in the region, fuelled by the desire to have the best of everything and to prove to the world that Dubai is a city to be reckoned with.

The recent furore regarding the Blackberry, the business phone of choice in the western world, and its makers RIM has led to some doubts in the industry as a whole, yet foreigners looking at jobs in the industry should rest assured that there are still plenty of openings.

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UK Students head to Ras Al Khaimah

Jobs in the education sector in Dubai and the UAE have long been plentiful with expat schools offering full courses for foreign students. Now, in a unique twist, a number of lucky UK students who are denied places at the University of Bolton could find they are offered a chance to study at that university’s sister campus – at Ras Al Khaimah in the UAE!

Three year degree courses at the university will be on offer to 50 students who fail to get a place at Bolton but who achieve three A grades at A-level, in a move that is both innovative and an indication of the growing stature of the teaching and education sector in the region.

The courses will be exactly the same as those on offer at Bolton and accommodation costs, plus fees, will be pegged at the same level, although the subject of grants or loans is one that has yet to be finalised.

The vice chancellor of Ras Al Khaimah, Professor Rob Campbell, explained:

“This is the first time we have offered UK students the opportunity to study in RAK for the full three years of a degree course. The university will charge students the same tuition fees as its UK-based students and accommodation fees will be the same as they are in Bolton.” ”

The University of Bolton, Ras Al Khaimah, can boast the Crown Prince of the emirate among its graduates and is a highly regarded institution that is typical of the market sector in the region.