How to Unearth Hidden Jobs In Dubai by Networking


Are you aware that recent studies from Jobvite and CareerXRoads indicate that between 40% and 28% of jobs were filled by word of mouth/networking and were not publicly advertised on jobs boards? This is has been termed, ‘the hidden job market, the Dubai hidden job market. Yes, one of the most effective ways to get a job in Dubai (or any place) is to attend business and careers events and use old-fashioned networking skills. Dubai is an excellent place to engage in networking as it has a range of business and career events occurring during every month of the calendar year.Continue Reading »

3,000 jobs for Emiratis in health sector in 5 years


DUBAI: UAE Acting Health Minister Abdul Rahman Al Owais said an additional 3,000 Emiratis shall be working in the country’s health sector in the next five years.

The news came a few days after Al Owais, who also holds the portfolio of Culture, Youth and Community Development Minister, announced last week that the Ministry of Health (MoH) shall help quicken the facilitation of the documents needed by Emiratis in securing for themselves jobs in both private and public institutions.

The MoH signed a memorandum of understanding with the Absher Initiative to provide employment opportunities for UAE nationals over the next five years,” Al Rowais said in a press statement.

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Dubai University organizes its annual Career Fair


The Career Services Office at The American University in Dubai (AUD) is organizing its annual Career Fair  at the AUD Knights Arena in the university’s Center building on Tuesday, March 26th, 2013 from 10:00am to 6:00pm.

Career Services Manager Ms. Stella Mandehou comments: “This eagerly-awaited event has grown again this year with almost 60 regional and international employers registered to attend…

As in previous years, the AUD Career Fair 2013 will see the participation of major companies specializing in Finance and Banking, Marketing, Advertising, Media, Recruitment, Engineering, Visual Communication, Graphic Design and Information Technology.

You can read the full press release here.


6 Interview Questions Dubai Job seekers Should Be Ready For


The Dubai job market continues to grow healthily, which is good news for job seekers as there are plenty of opportunities. But, where there are opportunities there will of course be fierce competition and candidates will need to up their game in 2013 if they are to land their dream job.

One area that candidates should focus on is their interview preparation and their readiness to answer any questions that may be thrown at them. Of course, while it is not possible to know the exact questions that employers may ask, most employers will ask questions which come from 1 of the following 6 categories of question, which means you can and should prepare to answer these. Below, I have outlined the 6 main types of interview question you may face and suggested how you should answer them.Continue Reading »

UAE Jobs on the Increase as Projects Get Underway


According to a press release from marketwire, recruitment in the United Arab Emirates is expected to boom in 2013 as the local economy enjoys a significant boost in investment.

An increasing number of large-scale projects have been announced by both the government and the private sector, and recruitment agencies are reporting that up to 15% more jobs are being advertised compared to a year ago.

Traditional areas of the economy such as oil, gas and petrochemicals are predicted to generate the most number of new jobs, but sectors that have been slow in the recent economic climate, including banking, construction and real estate, are also showing very positive signs.

Recruitment experts in the region are in no doubt that this year will represent a great time for those looking to work in the UAE.

A spokesperson for Middle East specialist Mackenzie Jones said: “Dubai and the UAE as a whole has not stopped being a popular place to come and work, but we have definitely seen a significant upturn in the employment market recently.

Holidays boost to make private sector jobs more appealing to Emiratis


Private sector weekends and public holidays may soon be brought in line with those of government employees, suggests a report in the National.

Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed, Minister of Presidential Affairs and Deputy Prime Minister, announced the move to adjust the holidays last week. Speaking on the second day of a Government Summit in Dubai, he said this was part of efforts to make private sector employment more appealing to Emiratis – a sector in which he said 30,000 new positions were available.

The Minister of Labour has been assigned to adjust the working hours and days of the private sector to be more compatible with those of the public sector,” said Sheikh Mansour.

Private sector employees work up to 57 extra days a year

The current law only grants a day a week of mandatory rest for private sector workers, whereas government employees have two days off and are also allotted longer public holidays. As a result, many private sector employees work an extra 57 days a year.

Sheikh Mansour added, “There is a 57 working day gap each year between the two sectors. These issues need to be addressed and we are working on finding suitable solutions for it.”