Surge in On-Line Job Postings in Dubai/UAE


The amount of job adverts posted on-line in the Middle East has declined by 6 per cent on the year in November, according to an index compiled by the jobs website reported on the National Website, but the UAE has seen a surge in jobs.

Surge in jobs in UAE

In the UAE, the amount of jobs posted online rose 8 per cent. In Qatar, which is gearing up for a construction boom prior to the 2020 Fifa World Cup, the amount of online adverts rose 24 per cent.

In the UAE, strong demand for labour in hospitality, retail and logistics buoyed on-line recruitment, as the country’s non-oil economy continued its recovery on the back of tourism and trade.

On-line advertisements for jobs in retail, trade and logistics increased 45 per cent on the year in November, the biggest jump in any industry in any country. Hospitality positions were advertised 27 per cent more.


AUS launches UAE’s first guidebook to universities


According to a report in the National, the first guidebook offering students advice on choosing from the region’s plethora of universities has been launched by the American University of Sharjah.

There are 107 universities and colleges in the UAE alone, but it can be hard for students to choose between them because only three – UAE University, AUS and Abu Dhabi University – are featured on any of the world’s international rankings tables.

To address the problem, AUS, as part of its community service remit, has produced an on-line manual offering students guidance in selecting the best university for them.

The free ebook does not refer to specific institutions, but instead identifies seven key areas students should consider when selecting a university: application deadlines, academic accreditation, recruitment history, tuition fees, curriculum, location and global reputation. The guide also urges students to consider an institution’s relationship with employers and graduate recruitment.

6 Creative Resume Tactics That Actually Worked (Study)


Earlier this  year Careerbuilder conducted a study of 2,298 hiring managers in the US and provided real life examples of resumes that stood out for the right and wrong reasons and they also looked at common pitfalls to avoid. The Study took place between May 14th 2012 and June 4th 2012 and revealed six creative resume tactics that actually worked and I have shown them below. Maybe you could use them as creative inspiration to make your own unusual applications to make you stand out from the competition in a good way.

6 Creative Resume Tactics That Worked

  1. Candidate sent his resume in the form of an oversized Rubik’s Cube, where you had to push the tiles around to align the resume. He was hired.
  2. Candidate who had been a stay-at-home mom listed her skills as nursing, housekeeping, chef, teacher, bio-hazard cleanup, fight referee, taxi driver, secretary, tailor, personal shopping assistant and therapist. She was hired.Continue Reading »

New Scheme to Help Dubai Youth Start Their Own Business

Man on top

Tejar Dubai, a new initiative to support and encourage the next generation of entrepreneurs, has been launched by Shaikh Majid Bin Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Chairman of Dubai Culture and Arts, and in cooperation with the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The initiative is the first in the UAE to offer a specialised programme and platform for youth to help them establish their own small-to-medium-sized business. Tejar Dubai aims to find and train creative and commercially-minded youth to help them turn their business ideas into a reality.

It  will involve a comprehensive programme, include a tough selection process and demand a substantial commitment from those chosen to participate. Those who are chosen will be asked to commit to an extensive tailor-made three-month programme as well as the chance to meet famous entrepreneurs and foreign delegations visiting Dubai Chamber.

This is great opportunity for  Dubai youth to develop their professional skills and business skills and set themselves on a career path as an entrepreneur.

Click here to find out more.


Gulf leads way with women on boards


The Gulf has emerged as an unlikely role model for gender diversity in the boardroom, reports the Telegraph.

Almost a third of family-run companies in the Gulf have at least one woman on their board, a survey has revealed. In Britain just 7.8pc of companies have female directors; in America the figure is 11.4pc and in Japan less than 1pc.

The research, conducted by the Pearl Initiative, a body established to promote transparency and accountability to companies in the Gulf, found that 32pc of 100 family-owned companies in the region had female board members. However female representation on the board of listed companies is far lower at 1.5pc.


Dubai Mall Expansion Confirmed – New Construction Jobs in Pipeline


According to an article in Kipp Report, Emaar Properties said plans to expand its Dubai Mall with high-end fashion stores, hotels and luxury homes had been finalised and work would begin shortly.

Emaar, which also built Burj Khalifa – the world’s largest tower, had said in February it would add one million square feet to Dubai Mall, whose website says it is the world’s largest shopping and entertainment destination.

This should be a clear sign to engineers, builders and labourers that Emaar Properties may soon be looking to hire contractors as it tools up to complete the project. This makes it very good time to be contacting Emaar Properties for possible job opportunities.