Booming Food Industry Brings Investors and Jobs to Dubai


Food sector booming and attracting investment and jobs reports Dubai Chronicle.

Food shortages are a global problem as a result of the 2012 drought and the constantly increasing population in Dubai. In the barren regions of the Middle East, Dubai has the important task of importing enough food for the entire region. In fact 90% of the food needed for the Emirates region comes through the Dubai port.  The food industry accounts for 13.2% of the area’s GDP making it the fourth largest sector.

This makes Dubai one of the most important hubs for food production and re-export in the region.

More Food Industry Jobs Coming to Dubai

As if the Dubai food sector wasn’t strong enough already, Nestle has just stated that it is to invest another $136 million in Dubai to build a new 175,000 square meter plant at the Dubai World Central Business Park to process coffee and nutrition. So, expect a surge in both construction and food jobs in Dubai.


Dubai braces for Eid tourist arrival – Expect Surge in Hotel Jobs


Room rates rise at hotels with many expecting 100% occupancy as 1.5m arrive from GCC.

“It may be a full house in Dubai this weekend”, reports the Gulf News — and Dubai job seekers can expect to see a corresponding surge in hotel and hospitality jobs. The emirate is expected to receive 1.5 million visitors from other GCC countries during Eid, with one million tourists expected from Saudi Arabia alone, according to a government official.

Hotels in Dubai are expecting 90 to 100 per cent occupancy and rising room rates due to demand from Gulf visitors, especially Saudi nationals, in addition to Eastern European guests, they say.

There are likely to be many opportunities for over-time and additional work in hospitality during the Eid festival as hotels book out. If you need to earn some extra money during or around Eid then its a good time to be contacting Dubai’s hotels and restaurants to see if they have opportunities.

Have You Shown Interest in Pinterest, The New Social Network?


Have you prepared your candidate profile on Pinterest yet? Well, maybe you should do, because Pinterest is the next big social media superstar to be spawned from Silicon Valley and it is expected to follow in the footsteps of Facebook and Linked-In as a key social network. At last count in Spring this year, Pinterest had over 12,000,000 users and was growing at a record rate compared to other social networks in the past.

But, what is Pinterest? Pinterest is essentially a content sharing service that enables members to ‘pin’ images, videos and other objects to their pinboard, and it also includes social networking features.

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Malls to get free temporary work permits for Eid

Deira City Center Shopping mall - Dubai

The Ministry of Labour  will issue temporary work permits free of charge to shopping malls in Dubai to enable them to recruit extra workers for one month –  during Eid Al Adha celebrations.

Retailers in Dubai are anticipating bumper trade over Eid Al Adha, which starts on Thursday, when shopping malls will remain open 24 hours a day — which means there is expected to be increased demand for retail workers over the next month.

Who can be recruited?

Registered firms can recruit two categories of workers: those registered with the Ministry and already with valid labour cards, and those sponsored by their parents.

If you are looking for retail work over the next month, then we recommend that you start making calls to the retailers in the Dubai malls to see if they have any work. Check out our guide to Cold Calling if you need some help making phone contact with employers. Good Luck!

Dubai World Energy Forum Kicks off today and is full of opportunity…


The first World Energy Forum to be held outside of the United Nations Headquarters in New York opened in Dubai. This major energy policy summit which has attracted heads of states, energy ministers and industry leaders to the UAE is a three day forum and a great networking opportunity for Dubai based energy professionals, be they Contractors, Engineers, Developers and Designers.

You will be able to network with investors, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs and governments looking to develop and invest in new projects, as well as suppliers, consumers, competitors and other key stakeholders in the rapidly growing energy industry.

If you are registered to attend,  make sure to read our networking guide so you can get maximum benefit from attendance. Even if you can’t attend, you can still social network with the World Energy Forum via the Facebook or Twitter page — but make sure to read our social networking guide too.


Have You Established Your Careers Presence on the Dubai Social Media Scene?

Social Media Dubai

Its looks like 2012 was the year that social media really went big in the Middle East, especially in Dubai. The figures that were reported in March earlier this year in The National showed that nearly one million people in the Emirates had joined Linked-In, the site through which you can network and market your skills and find out about Dubai job opportunities.

What is astounding about these figures is that social media usage in the Emirates is higher than in any other Arab country, and much higher than countries with much larger populations, for example Saudi Arabia has only 600,000 members and Egypt has 500,000 members. Nearly, 16% of the working population in the Emirates are now using Linked-In and if you want to progress in the professional sector in Dubai you must have a first class Linked-In profile and all-round professional brand on social media.

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