UAE Fourth Most Stable Country in the World


The United Arab Emirates ranked 4th among 62 countries worldwide in terms of financial stability, according to the latest World Economic Forum Financial Development Report 2012 released today.

This report is based on several criteria, the third of which is financial stability. The economy of Saudi Arabia ranked first, Switzerland 2nd and Singapore ranked third.

Despite the financial instability in many other parts of the world the Gulf States benefit from having strong policies and regulatory institutions reports the Dubai Chronicle. In fact, the UAE was ranked 1st in terms of the efficiency of its tax regime and 4th in terms of the stability of its banking system and 16th in terms in of its corporate governance.

So, if you are an expatriate or Emirati looking to build a long career, then Dubai is one of the best places in the world to be doing it at the moment.

3 Tactics To Get a Web Design Job With Dubai Small Firms

Small Business Website Design

We wrote recently about a report in The National which outlined the fact that small and medium sized businesses in the UAE apparently have a “substandard” presence on the web. The study was carried out by Local Media, an on-line directories company in Dubai.

Results were surprising

What the study found was that less than 12,000 of 100,000 firms that they looked at actually had an internet presence. Of the group of companies who actually have a website, many of these are missing critical features such as easy-to-find contact information or links to social media sites and many of them were not search engined optimized. The survey was extensive and took into account 90 different factors when evaluating the website.

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Dubai Small Firms Struggle to Make Their Presence felt on Web


Small and medium businesses in the UAE have a “substandard” presence on the internet, according to a survey by Local Media, an on-line directories company based in Dubai.

Fewer than 12,000 of 100,000 companies examined actually have a presence on the Web, the survey found. Of those that do have a website, many omit key features such as prominent contact information or links to social media sites, while others were not optimised to be found by search engines.

The importance of social media was underlined by a separate study by eMarketer. It found that 70.2 per cent of internet users in the Middle East and Africa will use social media this year.

Great Job Opportunity

This news highlights a great opportunity for Dubai based job seekers with skills in web design, marketing and social media. Why not approach these companies with a poor web presence and offer your services to them for a week to prepare their website and social media presence? It could be the foot in the door to a new career.

High-tech start-ups in Dubai to boom

Dubai Internet City

The number of high-tech businesses launching in the UAE is forecast to quickly rise through 2015, encouraged by strong internet use and political stability, reports the UAE national.

About 96 technology-focused start-ups were expected to launch from the Emirates this year, and this was forecast to rise to 185 each year over the next three years, according to a report by Dubai Internet City and the consultancy Frost & Sullivan.

Aside from start-ups, Dubai has also attracted some of the world’s largest high-tech businesses. Both Facebook and LinkedIn launched regional offices at Dubai Internet City this year.

The prospects are bright for technology graduates and professionals looking for employment in Dubai’s technology sector.

Also, if you have a great  idea for an IT business or a start-up, the Majid Bin Mohammed Innovation Center in5, an IT start-up incubator based in Dubai Internet City, can provide advice on how to get started.

Are Video Interviews The Gateway To Your Next Job In Dubai?


For any of you who are looking to relocate from their own country to take up an expatriate assignment in Dubai, then the best way to do this is to find a job first while in your home country and then your prospective employer will sponsor your visa application and assist you to take up residency in Dubai. This is without doubt the most effective way to get an international assignment in Dubai.

What you should be aware of however is, that for international assignments especially, there is a strong likelihood that your first interview may be a video interview. Why? Because this is a great way for companies to make a detailed assessment of candidate — that is to see how they behave and how they appear — without having to pay the costs to fly numerous expatriate candidates out to Dubai for first round interviews.

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More Retail Jobs As Dubai Opens World’s Largest Shoe Shop


World’s largest shoe store opens in Dubai Mall – Massive 96,000 square foot store boasts 250 brands with 30 boutique shops

According to a press release from, the world’s largest shopping mall in Dubai announced the opening of a 96,000-square-foot shoe store billed as the world’s largest.

The Dubai Mall based Shoe District, which opened to the public Friday, is located just beyond the facility’s popular aquarium and includes big-name brands such as Dior, LV, Prada, Todd’s, Fred Perry, Berluti, Bally, Paul Smith and Kate Spade, Xpress newspaper Dubai reported Thursday.

The store also includes a cobbler shoe repair service and a shop called the Vogue Cafe with accessories, books, toys and gadgets.

There are likely to be many retail job  opportunities for retail assistants and managers  both now and in the future in the Dubai Shoe District and if you are looking to work in this field, this is a good time to send in your CV.