Meet UAE’s Best Paying Professions

Salary in UAE

Everyone wants their monthly pay slip to be bigger than it is. So, if you are making you first career step or even planning to change careers, check out Gulf Business’s salary survey results for 2012. It is not surprising to find that in UAE, where the working community is a floating population, the Human Resources leads as the highest paid sector. Or then again, it may be because they budget their own pay ;)

Gulf Business summarises their survey as, “UAE salaries on average saw a slight increase year on year in 2012 overall, with human resources leading the pack.

With such a positive outlook, take a look at the highest paid sectors in UAE from the link below, choose your pick and make that move.

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Learn to “question” your interviewer


An interview is not all about getting your answers right. It is also about putting in the right questions to your interviewer. As much as your prospective employer needs to discover you, you must also discover your employer to make that decision to separate an unsatisfactory job from a good career move. We found some great questions on and the author highlights in this guide that great candidates evaluate a company.

“Great candidates ask questions they want answered because they’re evaluating you, your company–and whether they really want to work for you.”

While this article focuses on the employers than candidates, we found these 5 questions as a surefire way of letting your potential employers know that you are a serious, competent and ambitious resource.  Check out the link below for Jeff Haden’s interesting article .

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Take your Internship to the Next Level


In the old days, they used to call it apprenticeship, where a young hopeful would be taken under the wings of an expert and learn the trade. In a more advanced corporate world, the same purpose is met by internship programs.

Finding an internship can be tough in the UAE, but a new online community to be launched this autumn, should come as a boon to the students struggling to find an internship. Having found an internship opportunity, most of us want this to be converted into a real job and then embark on a successful career.

Reality can be different though. A Forbes research shows that 60% of paid internships and 37% of unpaid internships turn into a job. While these numbers are not fully discouraging,   it is important to find oneself on the right side of these statistics. Make the right moves and grooves to turn your internship into a job.

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Recruiting the right “culture” can be key

Cultural Diversity

Dubai prides itself on being host to over 200 nationalities and this has been a key hallmark of making this among the leading world cities. From the days of expatriate residents dominated by the subcontinent, this has been a significant change established in very little time.

As most of the expatriates are a working population, this is best reflected in the organizations operating out of Dubai. However, diversity in staff also brings with it diversity in culture. Every organization manages this by evolving their own unique culture that helps them get their work done.

As each expatriate is required to be a sponsored a Visa by their employer, this initial recruiting does carry some costs. At times, HR are worn out on recruiting with the risk of employees not adapting to the culture of the organization and find themselves either forced or volunteering to the exit door sooner than expected.

Like any other tips of this sort, while an organizations culture may be different than the other, it’s worth taking appropriate tactics at the time of recruiting to ensure you have employed the right cultural fit.

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