Build a Rich Future in Dubai With a Career In Finance and Accounting

Dubai financial district

In recent times, Dubai and the Middle East have gradually increased their status as a trading power due to the fact it can operate and trade in time zones not covered by the established financial centres such as London and New York.

As a result the number of finance jobs has increased in Dubai over recent years as Dubai continues to establish itself on the world stage in finance and trading.

Demand for accountants with the right qualifications and experience remains steady according to a March 2012 report from Gulf News and Dubai is expecting to see a surge in demand in several industry areas over the coming months:

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How to Get a Job in The Dubai Human Resources Sector

HR jobs in Dubai

Dubai’s economy is forecast to grow by 4.5% this year according to an announcement by the chairman of the Dubai Supreme Fiscal Committee. This means that companies will be growing and hiring new staff. In fact, ‘93% of employers in the UAE anticipated increasing their head count in the first quarter of this year’. FMCG, Pharmaceutical and Construction sectors are expected to experience the most hiring activity during 2012.

This is great news for the HR profession as increased hiring activity and headcount will increase the demand for HR and Recruitment professionals within Dubai. This means it is an exciting time to start or develop your HR career in Dubai especially as the profile of HR in Dubai is growing as it gains real traction within corporations by showing how world class HR strategies can make deep impacts on the bottom line of Dubai businesses. The annual HR Summit and expo in Dubai now draws speakers from the world’s leading organizations, including Yahoo, Siemens, Ernst and Young, Pepsico, Johnson and Johnson and Friends Provident, which underlines how important HR in Dubai has become.

However, there is no question that HR is a niche profession and entering and progressing within HR requires a specific set of qualifications, skills and experiences. Below, I have provided some advice and tips on how to start and advance your career within the Dubai HR sector.

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Do You Have What it Takes to Succeed in Dubai’s Silicon Valley?

Dubai Internet City jobs

Dubai’s astounding population growth rate of 7% per year is driving growth in many industry areas, including construction, hospitality, food, and retail banking services. This growth has been characterised by a large influx of expatriates/professionals which has in itself created a secondary demand in Dubai for consumer centered internet and mobile  services. In fact, experts at Euromonitor International revealed that UAE online sales hit US 1 Billion for the first time last year and they are expecting a continued upward growth trend, during 2012 and beyond.

This surge in online sales will be increasing the demand for services within Dubai’s software and internet sector, the heart of which is in Dubai Internet City, which put itself on the map in March this year by hosting the first Tbreak Developers conference which brought together developers and platform providers such as RIM, Nokia and Qualcomm.

With US based technology speculators also heading to Dubai to look for investment opportunities, the Dubai Internet Sector is set to make an irresistible move forwards onto the global stage of technology innovation. This makes it a perfect time to start building your career in the Dubai Internet sector, however IT and internet professionals do need to exhibit quite specific personal qualities to gain employment and excel in the new media and IT sectors, and I have described these below.

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Why You Should Bank On A Career in the Dubai Financial Services Sector

Dubai Banking and Financial Services Jobs

Dubai is renowned for the sheer scope, size and success of its hospitality sector; it is also considered to have the most industrious engineering sector in the world and at one point reports suggested that nearly a quarter of the world’s construction cranes were situated in Dubai.

However, it may come as a surprise to you that Dubai is not just about hospitality, engineering and 200 foot high construction cranes–there is another sector that is quietly emerging within Dubai on the back of its explosive population growth. This is the financial services industry and, in particular, the retail banking sector which is expected to grow by 10% over the next five years. This growth forecast has been backed up by another study by Accenture which revealed that 85% of bank executives said their banks were planning to invest in retail operations over the next three years. So growth forecasts in the retail banking employment sector look very reliable.

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