Career Opportunities for Expats with Mobile Telecommunications Background

Few aspects of the telecommunications sector provide as much job growth as the major players in the cell phone race. Those that keep an eye on the hot topics in the UAE cannot help but notice that a large portion of the news these days is centered around mobile technology- from the ban on Blackberries to the increased usage of smart phone technology.

Dubai is no exception to the other areas of the UAE with a fascination for the latest and greatest mobile technology. Considering that telecom companies have been under much scrutiny for the way they handle their customer service concerns, it is understandable why many are looking to make the switch from traditional communication means to mobile services.

As the mobile telecom providers struggle to keep up with the ever-growing demand, the majority are expanding operations. Expanding operations means a need for new employees in all roles in the telecommunications sector.

Customer service experts are needed to handle new sign ups, technicians to handle technical support calls will likely be at the forefront of the hiring, but there will undoubtedly be a need for back end specialists that keep these important communication systems running and functioning properly.

Many expatriates that have a background in cell phones or mobile telecommunications technology will have an overwhelming amount of career opportunities, especially those from areas that are the most technologically advanced countries. Applying direct is certainly an option, but recruiters that specialize in telecommunications will have access to the positions not yet publically posted and may be the more beneficial avenue to explore.

Government Initiatives to Support Gifted Children in Schools

A study conducted in 2007 regarding gifted children in the government run school systems showed a severe lack of support for developing these exceptional children to their fullest potential. The good news is, this is changing across the UAE as more programs are being added that cater to the brightest and most creative of the areas gifted children.

The British University in Dubai reports that these gifted children have more opportunities available today than they did three years ago, and that major plans are underway to ensure every gifted student receives customized programming to assist them in reaching their fullest potential.

The Ministry of Education has setup new programs and awards that encourage teachers currently working in the UAE to obtain the necessary certification to teach these gifted students. The fact that these rewards and programs are needed clearly shows that there is a lack of teachers prepared and trained to teach gifted children.

Dubai is no exception, in fact, it is safe to assume a large number of the UAE’s most gifted students attend schools in Dubai. The lack of properly certified teachers creates an exciting opportunity for teachers from abroad that have experience in the challenges that keeping pace with highly gifted students creates for a school.

Obtaining work in Dubai as a teacher is one of the easier sectors to break into, as many of the private and government run schools are easily accessible for job inquiries, unlike other sectors that you must go through a recruiter to obtain an interview.

Sales and Marketing Professionals Needed For the Fashion and Retail Industries in Dubai

The global fashion industry is likely focusing its attention on Dubai this week, as several news announcements were made that suggest London, Paris and New York may have a harder time keeping their grip on being the premier fashion hubs in the world. Aside from several major designers expanding operations into the Dubai market, there is also the fact that the London College of Fashion is focusing on providing short courses in Dubai. Guest lecturers of these courses include non other than Donatella Versace, Jimmy Choo and Tom Ford. These big name players in the fashion world would hardly waste their time if Dubai was not well on the way to being major impact in global fashion.

Dubai’s retail sector has seen surprising growth in the recent months, and there are plans for several new retail complexes to begin construction in the next quarter. These are great signs that the economy is on an upswing, but also provides many job opportunities for people with sales & marketing experience.

While traditionally, most people would think of sales and marketing as it relates to business-to-business sales, the upswing in interest in the fashion industry will create many unique opportunities as fashion companies begin vying for the consumers attention through advertising and branding.

Dubai’s high per capita income levels are the perfect environments to support and sustain growth of the high-end fashion sector. Few areas of the world can cite the income levels and love of luxury items that the people of Dubai provide for the fashion industry. Sales and marketing experts will find the sector rich with opportunities to help designers and retailers secure their share of the consumer’s spending.

Personal Assistant Positions in Dubai Require Strong Business Skills

Becoming a personal assistant in Dubai may be a bit challenging for expatriates not yet in the area. When you consider the difference in roles and duties between a personal assistant working in the United States, for example, and a person with the same title working in Dubai, you will be quite surprised at the differences. Because of this it is important to understand what skills and education are required to succeed in Dubai as a personal assistant.

Many college   in western countries are considering Dubai jobs as a postgraduate option. The duties of a personal assistant in Dubai typically involve acting as a manager that assists in running a business. Students that are interested in working as a Personal Assistant should consider taking a wide variety of Human Resources, marketing and business management classes during their studies.

The key to finding a job as a personal assistant in Dubai is to network with recruiting firms that specialize in administrative positions. Unlike other positions that require large numbers of employees with specialized skills, most of Dubai’s most influential business people will only hire one or two personal assistants. As a result, the best jobs are rarely posted on public job boards.

A recruiter is the perfect way to discover these jobs that are not publically advertised, as they most typically will have relationships with the client from filling other positions in the organization. Speaking with a recruiter prior to graduation is the best idea, as you can take any additional courses needed to succeed as a personal assistant in Dubai before graduation, thus increasing your chances of securing the position you desire.

As Rebranding Becomes More Important, Career Opportunities Open up For Media and PR Professionals

The Media Factory has been having a rough couple of years, with the loss of its in-flight magazine and highly profitable Oryx magazine. After four years of producing the magazine for Qatar Airways, the airline decided to end the relationship with The Media Factory.  The Thai Airways magazine similarly came to halt, along with the football magazine Four Four Two and other private titles published for clients of The Media Factory.

Rumor has it that Mediaquest is considering buying out the ailing publishing house, mainly because of its legal, insurance and business titles that are still considerably profitable. While its just rumor, it could bode well for the media sector if the negotiations are taking place and are successful.

The majority of opportunities for jobs in the media and public relations sector over the last few years have been with advertising companies or with large enterprises that are focusing on rebranding after the economic crisis. However, if this purchase takes place there could be some terrific opportunities for media experts to handle the titles after the changeover takes place and journalists to replace those that choose not to work for Mediaquest after the changeover takes place.

For those individuals with the credentials to call themselves media and public relations professionals, Dubai still has plenty of lucrative opportunities. Many companies are changing the focus of their business and making customer service and rebranding a priority for 2011. Experienced expatriates are always in need, and the sector continues to show promise of growth while other sectors are stagnating.

Management in Food Industries in High Demand

The Dubai government announced its commitment to invest over $1.4 billion in the food sector during the upcoming months, due largely to the fact that over 90 percent of food goods is imported. While there are currently over 150 food processing plants in the emirates now, the plan is to grow this to accommodate the growing demand for production.

Food prices in Dubai and throughout the UAE have been the driving force behind inflation rates that are ranging between two and three percent. With the cost of sugar and rice on the rise, high costs are likely a large driving factor for the Dubai government to invest in more options for processing food locally. While the raw ingredients will still be imported, processing and packaging food locally drives the economy by creating jobs and lowers the overall cost of food in the long run.

HR Solutions in Dubai predicts this investment by the Dubai government will directly impact the job market in the food sector, citing a significant need for skilled labor throughout the food processing plants. As more workers are added to the plants, the need for management personnel will also rise. The new plants will also need to be fully staffed with management of all levels to help launch the business.

Because management personnel in the food production sector is a fairly niche group of the workforce, it is reasonable to assume the majority of these key management positions will be available to expatriates looking for opportunities to begin working and living in Dubai.